Coat of arms of Smiltene County 

Approved: 30th July 2010. The basis of the coat of arms is made in gold colour, it bears a blue cornflower flower with nine petals, symbolizing the whole county – the city of Smiltene and eight surrounding parishes. Heraldic description of the coat of arms of Smiltene County: “Cornflower flower in natural colours in a golden field”.


Smiltene County flag

Smiltene County flag was approved on 28th June 2012. The flag is a rectangular fabric with a ratio of width and height of 1:2. The ratio of the flag stripes is 3:1:3. The white stripe on the flag symbolizes the road. The road goes through the middle of the yellow rye field, in which Smiltene County has blossomed as a cornflower. In the middle of the flag, on both sides, a colourful coat of arms of Smiltene County is depicted, which has a width of 1/3 of the width of the flag. The coat of arms with a cornflower is a symbol of Smiltene County, where each petal represents eight parishes and Smiltene. The yellow square symbolizes physical strength, experience, intellect, and knowledge. The white colour on the flag symbolizes peace, security, faith and order, which is a suitable environment for development, growth and improvement.

Coat of arms of Smiltene City

Approved on 31st October 1925. The shield of the coat of arms is blue. Three golden hills are depicted in the lower part of the shield – St. John Hill, Hazel Hill and Castle Mound. Over the mountains, at the top of the shield, three silver hawks fly to the right, symbolizing a strong spirit, strength and high goals.