Twin cities

Smiltene County municipality has active cooperation and fellowship with foreign municipalities. Twinning agreements with twin cities were concluded with the aim of strengthening the friendly relations between the twin cities and promoting greater cooperation in the economic, social, and cultural matters as well youth cooperation, etc. and to foster the exchange of information and experience between the two contracting parties.



Willich (Germany)

Willich is a city in Germany. It is located near Düsseldorf and about 30 kilometres from the border with the Netherlands. The city was founded in 1970 from several villages – Willich, Anrath, Schiefbahn, and Neersen. Willich was first mentioned in chronicles in the XII century.

Twinning agreement with the German city Willich was concluded on 15th November 2002 with the aim of developing and maintaining the exchange of information between municipal authorities such as the city development department, schools, kindergartens, etc.

Wiesenbach (Germany)

Twinning agreement with the German city Wiesenbach was concluded on 12th October 2001 with the aim of promoting the exchange of information in the operation of utility institutions in the context of development of city economics by setting joint cooperative activities every year, as well as to support and contribute to the meetings of inhabitants and the various associations (especially youth).

Pisek (Czech Republic)

Pisek is a city in the Czech Republic, in the South Bohemian region. Area – 63.22 km2. Population – 29,801 (2005).

Twinning agreement with the Czech city Pisek was concluded on 29th April 2004 with the aim of developing and strengthening friendly relations between the twin cities.